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We are proud to be the part of the best integrated healthcare provider and ensure the quality of the products in the entire supply chain as our highest priority.  By pharmacy excellence service and healthcare advice we care about health of all generations. With our commitment to the society and environment contribution we actively participate in initiatives of social responsibility.

Healthcare system is a pillar of health protection in every country, and we provide reliability and support to them in the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro (BMS region). Quality and safe service of storage and warehousing of products, the highest quality standards in the entire distribution process, while ensuring continuity of delivery, the widest range of products on the market and a unique approach to each of our clients are the principles of business for our companies. That is why hospitals and health centers, pharmacy institutions, institutes and other participants in the supply process have been building partnerships with us for more than a decade, and together we ensure that the right medicine is delivered in the right place in the most efficient way and in the shortest possible time. .

That`s who we are.

Through our companies PHOENIX Pharma, Evropa Lek Pharma (EL Pharma) and Ino-pharm we offer a wide range of additional services for our partners, and through the pharmacies BENU, Expera and BETTY Partnership Program the highest standard of pharmaceutical service on local market. And not only that. Our obligation is that, as a market leader, we create trends and, through an innovative approach, develop the pharmaceutical markets in which we operate and respond in a timely and efficient manner to the growing expectations of patients and consumers.

If you would like to join us and became partner in mutual success, explore our brands and our business areas and our markets presence. We strongly believe that we can be one point contact for all your expectations.

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