Dedicated to the patients

Private label LIVSANE

Brand has 3 separate product lines:

The first line consists of products that are available in 18 European countries where PHOENIX Group operates. The range of these products is very wide and consists of different categories of products such as medical devices, dietary supplements, food for special medical purposes and products of general use. With this product range, we respond to the needs of our customers from their birth to adulthood in maintaining health and proper care.

The second line of products are teas produced in Serbia from the highest quality raw materials. 

The third product line is made in AU LIVSANE Galenic Laboratory and consists of galenic medicines and cosmetic products.

Pharmacy institution LIVSANE is pharmacy and galenic laboratory founded in 2015 in Novi Sad and it produces galenic medicines and cosmetic products. When it comes to galenic medicines, out of 418 galenic medicines that can be made in a galenic laboratory under the license from the Ministry of Health, our range currently consists of 37 products with a tendency to grow.

In addition to galenic medicines, LIVSANE Galenic Laboratory prepares 31 galenic cosmetic products.

With the aim of continuous improvement of the products and services it provides, AU LIVSANE Galenic Laboratory registered a laboratory for quality control of galenic medicines in April 2018, which further ensures the quality of products.

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